Roswell Clock and Antique Co. at Crabapple has always specialized in antique clock repair. We are a Certified Clockmaker (A.W.C.I) and have over 100 years of combined experience. Our estimates are FREE and our major mechanical repairs come with a minimum of one year warranty. Roswell Clock and Antique Co. has been repairing clocks for 35 years,

We make house calls on both antique and modern grandfather clocks. Our charges vary with time and distance, but our prices are very competitive. If it is determined that the clock cannot be repaired in the home, the movement can be brought back to the shop for proper repairs and testing, then reinstalled in your clock case. Estimates are provided before the work is performed.

Roswell Clock and Antique Co. at Crabapple services most antique and modern mechanical clocks, including Westminster chimes, cuckoo clocks, carriage clocks, quartz clocks, and atmos clocks.

For method of payment, we prefer cash or check. No credit cards for service work.

945 MID BROADWELL ROAD MILTON, GA 30004 77-992-5232